From Clients

In just moments, I knew that Ed’s youthful countenance thinly veiled an old soul. Bursting with energy and integrity, here was a life coach with the intuition and information I needed to move ahead.

But it wasn’t just a working knowledge of the best ideas I would ever be exposed to, it was his use of Self that infused me with the willingness to take action. I responded to his non judgmental, affirming way of being in a way that proved to be transformative and freeing and goal producing.

Trisha Kitchen, FL USA

I have no hesitation in recommending Ed Love as a life coach. I have found him to be one of the most evolved and level headed gentlemen it has been my pleasure to meet. He really is the leading edge of human beings, and an example of what New Age man looks like.

Ralph Hurst-Meyers, Canberra Australia

I have had twelve dialogues with Mr. Love and I found them to be extremely useful in clarifying my thoughts and beliefs about happiness. He brings to dialogues and to life in general a non judgmental, accepting attitude and I found his questions were very helpful in their clarity and conciseness.

From his experience of life, courses attended and his openness to new ideas I would describe him as an expert in matters of happiness. He is also conscientious, hard working and well able to cope with pressure. Therefore I have no hesitation in recommending him either for the dialogue process or for any way of looking at happiness and its related issues of personal goals and effectiveness, or for group work on the same activities. He will be an asset whichever way his expertise is used.

Paul A Cave, London UK

I recently shared a few hours with Ed Love and he told me some amazing stories about the positive effects of EFT. We did a process on my fear of being assertive with my older sister. I’d had such difficulty communicating with her.

It seems now I’m clear with her. I express my needs and respond to her more than react.

Ed has a wonderfully relaxed manner, and I was impressed by his style and confidence in what he’s doing.

Jenny Dyson, Sydney Australia

After spending time under the encouragement and counsel of Ed Love, I can wholeheartedly recommend his ability to create a safe, disarming & comfortable environment in which to share and work through seasons and situations that feel overwhelming, and see a turn around in perspective, understanding and personal strength/resolve. Ed’s genuine belief in people is evident as he seeks to see those he counsels and guides, flourish in every sphere of their lives.

Tam Tickner, Sydney Australia

Ed’s self-professed mission in life is to love people. He is a very skilled coach with all kinds of tools and techniques to offer.

He also has great insight and understanding. As an unusual and complex person I have found it extremely difficult to find professionals who understand me, but Ed gets it and has offered me more real help than any of them.

Highly recommended!

Anne Cregan, Canberra Australia


From Others

Ed is a very highly skilled professional coach but still extraordinary in the way he combines compassion in serious topics with an extra touch of humour.

His excellent skills in finding core values in one’s life make the changes easy, and the results from a coaching session with Ed always have an immediate effect in both one’s personal and professional life.

I would particularly recommend Ed for professionally successful clients who want a more joyful, playful and balanced life.

Birgitta Granstrom
Founder of the LifeSpider System, PCC Coach, Speaker, Trainer and Author

Ed is a very positive, warm-hearted and vibrant person. He really cares about people and is highly supportive in them achieving their goals. He is a pleasure to be on team with and I highly recommend him.

Anne Watts
Facilitator at the Human Awareness Institute, Author of: Cure Money Madness, Reclaiming Your Authentic Self, and Maturing as an Art Form

From a workshop on Emotional Issues around Weight Loss

“I found you had excellent answers for any questions, and also gave me things to take away in my mind to think about.”

“Really got the message across clearly. He explained the process so well, and has given me food for thought. Ed was very approachable and answered all our questions. Really enjoyed the night and learnt so much.”

“Your accepting and non judgmental attitude made all the difference. Clear and concise teaching method, gently motivating. Questions designed to make us look further into the causes of emotions.”

“My whole approach to eating will be assessed and changed. Doing the answer to question forms made me discover things about myself I’m glad I now know. Tonight was comfortable, informative and fun.”

“The evening was very good. We had the choice of sharing our personal experiences or not, which was also good. It makes me think of Woody Woodpecker which is quite funny. I do feel more cheerful.”

“I was quite anxious about it, so appreciated the fact that there was no pressure to speak.”