Most people say they don’t have time to do exercise, and find that as they get older, their waist expands, and their fitness goes south. But what if you didn’t need an hour a day to keep fit? What if you could do it in a fraction of that time?

I used to be a middle distance runner, which kept me very fit indeed. However, as time went by, I discovered that optimal fitness doesn’t come from long slow aerobic exercise, but from much shorter high intensity sessions. Sometimes even 5 minutes a day will do!

Some examples of high intensity exercise:

  • sprinting
  • weights
  • swimming
  • stair climbing

By focusing on high intensity, you not only improve your fitness, but you also burn many calories after you finish your workout. So you gain an added bonus for your efforts!

I now exercise about 15 minutes a day, and usually finish in the top 2% of entrants in skyscraper climbs.

If you’re not sure how to add this to your daily routine, contact me now, and I’ll help guide you towards a regular, sustainable fitness habit.

In a few months, you’ll hardly recognise yourself.


I highly recommend Ed as a fitness trainer. Ed explained all exercise techniques in a clear manner so I really got it!

Constant attention given to my individual fitness level instilled me with a sense of confidence. I felt inspired to push my boundaries & really enjoyed it.

Laura Price, Adelaide