The All You Can Eat Love Diet

Have you given up on weight loss via diets?

Are you tired of trying yet another over hyped

diet, only to have it fail dismally once again?

Are you resigned to being overweight?

How would you like to learn the 

Hidden Secret to Weight Loss 

that’s not being talked about?


Hello there, thanks for visiting this site. I appreciate your persistence in continuing to look for a weight loss solution that actually works for more than a couple of weeks. With so many broken promises out there, it’s easy to give up and decide that nothing works.

There is so much conflicting advice out there on diet and exercise, it’s not easy to know who to believe. Some people are claiming high carb diets are the way to go, others give good reasons to go for high protein diets. How do you decide between all the different ideas out there?

Then there’s exercise. Some say it’s crucial to weight loss, others say that it doesn’t matter unless you want to look like a fitness model. Again, different groups present seemingly reasonable evidence to back up their claims, so how on earth do you work out which way to go?

As it happens, both diet and exercise are important tools to achieve sustainable weight loss, but the weight loss industry almost always leaves out a third factor which is even more important. Without considering this hidden secret to weight loss, these two don’t really matter that much.

So Why is it a Secret?

That’s a good question. Is it complicated? Or difficult to understand? Or expensive even? Actually, no, it’s none of these. However, the reason it’s a secret is related to the weight loss industry itself. Many (most?) companies selling weight loss solutions are either unaware of this third factor, or if they do know of it, it’s not in their best interest to share it with their customers.

What does that mean? Well, let’s look at the industry: it’s enormous, it’s very profitable, and it wants to continue growing and becoming more successful.  The one thing that would stop it from doing so would be if it really helped people lose weight long term. If people lost weight successfully and kept it off long term, repeat customers, and therefore profits, would plummet.

Now that’s a Catch 22, isn’t it? If the industry actually does what it promises to do, it would permanently shrink and reduce in size, the exact promise it makes to its customers. People would no longer need it if they were able to lose weight and keep it off long term. So the last thing the weight loss industry needs is something which works well long term for most people.

So if they do know the hidden secret to weight loss, they’re probably not going to tell you about it any time soon. It’s much more profitable to sell you expensive memberships, or fancy empty shakes, or low fat food and/or drugs for the rest of your life. Things that make you go hmmm …

What’s Missing with Diets?

What got me started with this topic is noticing how some people manage to lose weight on a particular program, but not others. Why was that? What made the difference that allowed those few to succeed while many others weren’t able to? How come it was the same story with other diets? How come some managed to steadily lose weight, but many others were less successful?

As I became more and more interested in the differences between the successes and the failures, I started to look at other factors than just diet and exercise. What else matters for successful weight loss? What determines whether or not you succeed in losing weight and keeping it off long term? What could I learn from my own experience with overeating?

After much research and exploration, I’ve found the missing link that makes all the difference.

The All You Can Eat 

Love Diet

one size fits all cookie cutter weight loss programs don’t work well. They assume everyone is the same, and so tell everyone to do the same thing.

To achieve long term sustainable weight loss, you need to look very closely at YOU. At your patterns around overeating and weight loss. At your beliefs about diet, health, what is possible for people, what is possible for you personally, and other areas. All of these topics and more are covered in great detail in the All You Can Eat Love Diet.


However, we don’t stop there. Understanding the problem is one thing, but actually solving it is another thing altogether. Without solutions, we have nothing. So after explaining the hidden secret to weight loss, this book offers an abundance of ways to put this newfound knowledge to use. Problem solved means easy natural weight loss.


These ideas let you simply, easily and effortlessly lose weight without even trying. This is important, because over the long term, using will power to lose weight just doesn’t work. It’s too much effort as I’m sure you already know! If will power worked, you would be slim by now, and the weight loss industry itself would be much slimmer!


The Secret to Weight Loss

So why am I sharing this hidden secret with you now? Because I’m angry at seeing so many people conned. I’m frustrated that so many weight loss solutions involve spending lots of money for a long time for poor results. Because I’m sick of seeing people get more and more overweight as the weight loss industry continues to grow in leaps and bounds.

I also want to offer something which will help you in all areas of your life, not just with weight loss. Once you’ve read this book, you’ll find that more than your health improves. Your relationships will also become easier and your life will become less stressful. Not only that, you’ll actually become happier and more at peace with the world. 

Don’t believe it? This is what one reader said recently:

“It is refreshing to be able to read a work that skips through the needless dribble and gets straight to the heart of what it intends to teach. However, although it comes in the guise of light reading, there are some profound issues raised which strike at the heart of many aspects of life. The All You Can Eat Love Diet offers you a look into the hunger which is the cause of so much anguish and it has little to do with emptiness in the stomach.”

G.A., Melbourne, Australia

What this Book does NOT Offer

This book doesn’t offer a quick fix, an overnight solution to your weight loss problem. If you’re looking for an easy answer that requires no effort at all, you can stop reading now. However, if you’re willing to take an honest look at your life and make some gradual changes, long term weight loss is hard to avoid. Persistence and willingness are crucial. 

The beautiful thing is that the more you learn about yourself, your patterns and your beliefs around food and weight loss, the easier it will be to lose weight. Sometimes it’s easy to imagine that you’ll discover something terrible about yourself, but this never happens. Everything you learn about yourself can only help, not only with weight loss but also in other important areas of life. 

Given that you’ve read this far, I’m sure that you have the persistence to read this book and to actually follow the suggestions inside. Having such strong resolve will greatly increase your chances of succeeding in easily and gradually losing excess weight and then keeping it off in the long term. Don’t worry, it’s much easier than it sounds.

On the bright side, this book has some other unusual features. For instance, you won’t have to:

  • Count calories. We all know how well that works. Counting calories assumes that all calories are the same, which obviously isn’t true. Eating a packet of potato chips isn’t as healthy as eating an apple or a banana.
  • Choose from a short list of boring foods to eat. Nobody will do that for any length of time because it’s not fun. If you can’t enjoy your eating, then you’re not going to stick to a program for very long.
  • Weigh all your meals. You’ve got better things to do with your time. It’s not the exact amount of food that you eat that’s the problem, there are other things involved. Not all of those other factors are about food.
  • Give up your favourite foods. This isn’t about depriving yourself of enjoyable eating. We’ve all tried that before, it just doesn’t work. Ok, so eating five chocolate bars a day might not be a smart idea, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t eat any chocolate at all.
  • Do hours of dull repetitive exercise every day. You won’t stick with it. I know, I’ve tried various forms of exercise over the years which offered no variety, and I gave up very quickly. It’s got to be fun to stick with it.
  • Use will power to stick to this. As you probably know from experience, will power never works long term. It’s useful to use will power to create new habits, but over the long term, will power is not what is needed.
  • Struggle between low carb or low fat or low something else. It’s much simpler than that. Struggling over which plan to follow or which diet is the best only leads to stress, which usually leads to more weight gain.
  • Buy special food from one place at inflated prices for the rest of your life. Restricting your food choices doesn’t help, and what do you do when eating out, or on holiday, or when you don’t find this special food?
  • Eat tasteless meal replacement shakes, full of all kinds of artificial ingredients and lacking the benefits of natural food. What’s the point of eating if it doesn’t taste good or is unhealthy?
  • Starve yourself or skip meals. This has never worked as you probably already know. The only result of such deprivation is to slow down your metabolism, which means that you’ll put on more fat even if you eat as much as you usually eat. This actually takes you backwards.
  • Eat artificial low fat or fat free foods. These usually don’t taste as good as real food, and are often highly processed and full of unhealthy additives. Natural fats are necessary for good health, including saturated fat, which humans have eaten for countless generations.
  • Continue to fall for the latest diet endorsed for money by celebrities and others. Just how gullible are we? Once you’ve mastered the contents of this book, you won’t need to worry about dieting and weight loss again. Imagine how much extra time and money you’ll have!


Here are some thoughts from people who have attended a workshop I presented about these ideas. They were given to me anonymously so I do not have the names nor the initials of the writers. However, the originals are available to be viewed upon request.

“I found you had excellent answers for any questions, and also gave me things to take away in my mind to think about.”

“Really got the message across clearly. He explained the process so well, and has given me food for thought. Ed was very approachable and answered all our questions. Really enjoyed the night and learnt so much.”

“Your accepting and non judgmental attitude made all the difference. Clear and concise teaching method, gently motivating. Questions designed to make us look further into the causes of emotions.”

“My whole approach to eating will be assessed and changed. Doing the answer to question forms made me discover things about myself I’m glad I now know. Tonight was comfortable, informative and fun.”

“The evening was very good. We had the choice of sharing our personal experiences or not which was also good. It makes me think of Woody Woodpecker which is quite funny. I do feel more cheerful.”

Discover for Yourself

I don’t want you to take my word on any of this. Internet marketers can and do make all sorts of outrageous claims online. The only way for you to discover for yourself is to order it now. When you do, you’ll receive be able to download the All You Can Eat Love Diet risk free immediately and find out the hidden secret that makes all the difference.

So what is your investment? To learn about everything in this book would require several hundred dollars or more, not to mention the time to research it all yourself. However, due to the Internet, it doesn’t have to be quite so much.  Because there are no printing or shipping expenses to pay for, the All You Can Eat Love Diet can be yours for:


This is the missing piece enabling you to achieve sustainable long term weight loss.

“Wow, it was GREAT to get practical, easy to read & follow tools that reduce the desire of food for comfort by increasing the quality and quantity of self love, and thereby external love, both incoming and outgoing in my life. 

I’ve started to put into practice the Ten Steps, they are simple and logical, yet so overlooked, the benefits are overwhelming.”

K.K., Sydney, Australia

Do you think this book is expensive? Really? How does it compare to a consultation with a dietician or similar professional? They often charge from $50 to over $100 for single session. How about the cost of the special food you need to buy on the latest fad diet? You can spend over $100 a week, every week, for as long as you are on such a diet. 

My own health coaching costs a great deal more than that, even for a single session. Sure, you get one on one attention, to answer any questions you might have, but if you want value for money, and are a self starter, then this book is a far better option for you.

No, this book is very affordable. Why not add up the costs of not reading this book? How much does it cost to visit the doctor or the hospital from all the resulting complications that being overweight will produce? You know the list: heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. As the saying goes: if you think being healthy is expensive, try being sick!

Safe and Secure Online Ordering

Are you worried about the safety of using your credit card on the Internet? It turns out ordering online is safer than ordering over the phone, because your order is protected by the Internet standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. This secret code is very hard to break, so you’re actually much better off ordering online than by phone.

To read this book immediately, you can get your copy now:

and you will receive it in minutes. No writing a cheque and waiting in line at the Post Office, no waiting for it to arrive in the mail. You get instant access by downloading it from the Internet, so you can start to read as soon as you’ve ordered your copy. There’s no time like the pleasant!

Unconditional 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied for any reason, you can cancel your order at any time and receive a full refund. As our gift, you can keep the book and all the free bonuses. Instead of a guarantee that only lasts a few weeks, you have a full 90 days to try out this program and see how well it works. There’s no hurry. That’s how confident we are that you’ll like it.

After all, if you continue to do what you’ve always done, you’ll continue to get the results you’ve always got. If you just leave this web site without taking action, you’ll probably continue to be overweight for the rest of your life. Is that what you want?

Why not take this opportunity to change your life forever, and take control of your weight and your health. If not now, then when? There is no risk in trying out this book. With the unconditional money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose apart from excess weight, and everything to gain. This is a chance to permanently improve your health. Forever.

You have Nothing to Lose but 

your Impossible Diets

and Excess Weight

After all the effort you’ve put into weight loss, it would be a great shame if you can’t find some results which are long term. By addressing the hidden secret to weight loss revealed in The All You Can Eat Love Diet, you can finally achieve your ideal weight.

With the 100% money back guarantee, you risk nothing by investing in this book. From the experience of many others, the information discussed is the missing link which finally allows you to lose the weight you’ve been wanting to.

Get your copy now, and discover the secret most so called experts don’t know about. 

All the best,

Ed Love, Weight Loss Coach