I offer several coaching plans, depending on how quickly you want to achieve your goals.

All plans include a weekly coaching session via phone, Skype, Whatsapp, etc, or in person.

If you’re hesitant signing up for 3 months, how long do you think Tiger Woods has had a coach for? Michael Jordan? Usain Bolt? Or countless entertainers and business leaders?

If you’re not happy during your first month, and you’ve done your best to use the ideas I’ve suggested, you can get a full refund. That means there’s no risk for you to start now.

All fees are in Australian dollars, payable in advance.

Select your coaching plan below. then contact me to setup your first session.

Thanks for investing in your future. If not now, then when?

All plans have a 3 month minimum, with a 20% discount for 6 month plans.

Coaching PlanSilverGold Platinum
Coaching PlanSilverGold Platinum
Coaching Sessions30 Minutes Weekly60 Minutes Weekly60 Minutes Weekly
Extra PhoneNone30 minutes Weekly30 minutes Weekly
Extra EmailNoneNone5 Emails Weekly
Monthly Investment$200$400$500
Total for 3 Months$600$1200$1500
Coaching for 3 Months
Usual total for 6 Months$1200$2400$3000
20% Discount$240$480$600
Discounted total for 6 Months$960$1920$2400
Coaching for 6 Months

Each coaching plan includes one voice coaching session per week.

The Gold plan also includes up to half an hour extra voice support per week. These calls will be answered within 4 hours.

The Platinum plan also includes up to 3 extra support emails per week. These emails will be answered within one business day.