Are you struggling to make sense of your religion? Or any religion? Not sure about the difference between religion and spirituality? Are you curious about the ultimate nature of reality, but confused by all the conflicting belief systems out there?

So was I, for a great many years. I’ve spent literally decades exploring these questions, and although I’m not remotely close to knowing all the answers, I’ve come to a pretty good working understanding of this area. And no, it’s not 42 🙂

I have absolutely no interest in convincing you that I have the right answers, but I do have some very good questions to help you find a way to clarity. There actually do seem to be a set of consistent values and ideas at the heart of nearly all religions, and by exploring these, it’s far easier to find/create a belief system that works for you.

Whether you’re struggling with guilt from the religion you were given as a child, or can’t seem to let go of shame based on other religious ideas, I can help.

If you’d like to explore further, contact me now.