Are you struggling with PTSD? I’ve recently learned a powerful new technique that’s cleared several traumatic experiences from my past. e.g. I used to be hyper sensitive to certain sounds (chainsaws, barking dogs, etc) which drove me to distraction.

Using this simple new technique, I was able to transform my reaction to these and other sounds so that even though I don’t actively enjoy such noises, my body remains relaxed and calm, and I find them just a mild nuisance these days.

These things might not sound like a big deal to you, but we all have our challenges, and for me, this was massive.

Note: this is NOT therapy, and we don’t need to discuss whatever is bothering you. In fact, you keep it to yourself, and just focus on the present moment. It’s fast, and it’s simple.

This work can be done online, by phone, or in person, whatever suits you best.

It usually only take a few sessions to deal with PTSD, so the fee structure is a bit different.

Contact me now if you’d like to take care of your trauma.