Why Cat Lovers Make The Best Boyfriends

I’ve been pondering the common female complaint that there aren’t any good men out there. You know how it goes: they’re all either taken, or gay, or six feet under. However, there’s another group of men who haven’t received due recognition yet: crazy cat guys!

Cats? Why cats? What am I talking about?! Many of you have heard the following quote:

Women and cats will do as they please
so men and dogs should relax
and get used to the idea.

It’s from Robert A. Heinlein, a well known scifi writer who was ahead of his time in many ways. I’ve been reflecting about how cats and women are similar, and have come to the conclusion that any man who loves cats and, perhaps more importantly, is loved by cats, is worth a look as potential boyfriend material.

A man who is appreciated by felines will often be appreciated by females as well.

Here are seven things men can learn about cats which are usually applicable to women. While they are of course generalisations, a man could greatly increase his chances with the ladies by considering that when it comes to women and cats:

1 – They won’t put up with bad treatment. Dogs are renown for putting up with being treated badly, but cats won’t take it. They’re gone, moving on to find somebody who will appreciate them more. The sooner men learn this one, the sooner they can learn how to treat a woman, so that she, too, wants to stay.

2 – They are clean. It’s easy to spot the difference between cats and dogs here. Dogs sniff all kinds of things, whereas cats spend much of their time cleaning themselves. Women are similar, and really appreciate when a man keeps things clean and tidy. This also applies to men themselves, so any efforts to stay clean and presentable are worthwhile.

3 – They live in the moment. While dogs often pine for absent owners, cats usually forget about you as soon as you’re out of sight. Women can be similar. If a man goes out to play poker with his buddies, he shouldn’t expect his woman to wait expectantly by the phone. She’ll probably be out with her girlfriends having an even better time!

4 – They are individuals. Dogs are alike in many ways: they like a good walk, a run, and playing fetch. Cats are much more individual: some like jumping on people’s knees, some don’t, some stay on their own. Noticing such differences helps men realise that women aren’t all the same, and what worked well with the last one might not work with the next one.

5 – They are changeable. While dogs seem to be willing to do one thing forever, cats are more changeable, and often stop in the middle of one activity to do something else. It’s a good lesson about women, who are also more likely to follow where their impulses lead them. Schedules and plans often go out the window, so it’s good to be flexible.

6 – They don’t want to be controlled. Dogs seem to cope pretty well being on leads and restrained in back yards, whereas cats won’t stand for that. They prefer freedom, living life on their own terms. Women are much the same, and although they often love male company, it’s not a good idea to try to control their lives.

7 – They appreciate comfort. A dog can plonk itself down almost anywhere to sleep or rest, whereas cats usually find the most comfortable spot, such as a rug or a warm towel on the clothes dryer. Women also usually prefer more comfort. A nice hotel room will usually be more attractive than a bare shack, even if it does cost more.

Will all men who like cats make great boyfriends? No, of course not, but at least they have some qualities which might appeal to the long suffering single woman of today. Learning the mysteries of Cat is great preparation for the even more mysterious ways of Woman.

So, if you’re looking for a man who’s not a complete drop kick, you could do worse than visit your local RSPCA to check out any males admiring the cats. You never know your luck, you might find one on his own, house trained, and is free to a good home …